I fought my demons for far too long;
I was tired and decided to give in then,
And while I didn’t know what to do
We agreed that we could be friends.
I am not scared of them anymore
We walk together hand in hand
I let them do what they want
I might let them do…



They say leave a legacy.

Something people can remember you by,

Do it before you say goodbye.

Maybe it’s a thing

They think leaving something behind is cool

To me, it feels like a thought of a fool

Yes, legacy might live a few years

Maybe 100, 1000 or a…



If you see me today
I am afraid you won’t recognise me
Damn, I can’t recognise myself
The mirror feels like a betrayal
Or is it my mind?
I can’t find the light in my eyes
I don’t know the lips I see
Where is the sunshine making me glow
Where are the moonbeams that made me me?



You left me on seen

I could see that dot green

You were online

You ignored me that’s fine

Darling, I’ll keep this in mind

And when you text next week

I’ll play it in rewind

I too will take my sweet time

At least that’s what I think…




Photo by Alex Ivashenko on Unsplash

And one day it happened;

Out of nowhere, you stopped loving me.

It wasn’t gradual, or was it?

Now that I think of it;

I know not.

They say you’ll remember

But what they don’t say is;

You don’t remember it the way it was.

You just remember the version…