I fought my demons for far too long;
I was tired and decided to give in then,
And while I didn’t know what to do
We agreed that we could be friends.
I am not scared of them anymore
We walk together hand in hand
I let them do what they want
I might let them do it till the end.

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash



They say leave a legacy.

Something people can remember you by,

Do it before you say goodbye.

Maybe it’s a thing

They think leaving something behind is cool

To me, it feels like a thought of a fool

Yes, legacy might live a few years

Maybe 100, 1000 or a…



If you see me today
I am afraid you won’t recognise me
Damn, I can’t recognise myself
The mirror feels like a betrayal
Or is it my mind?
I can’t find the light in my eyes
I don’t know the lips I see
Where is the sunshine making me glow
Where are the moonbeams that made me me?



You left me on seen

I could see that dot green

You were online

You ignored me that’s fine

Darling, I’ll keep this in mind

And when you text next week

I’ll play it in rewind

I too will take my sweet time

At least that’s what I think…

Damn you heart!

Don’t you see? He left me on seen.

Stop beating for him!

Will you?

Oh please!

Get out!

Let me live.


No, don’t. Don’t. Don’t message him.

Holy crap; you did it.

It’s a nightmare, not a dream.

Photo by jurien huggins on Unsplash



Photo by Alex Ivashenko on Unsplash

And one day it happened;

Out of nowhere, you stopped loving me.

It wasn’t gradual, or was it?

Now that I think of it;

I know not.

They say you’ll remember

But what they don’t say is;

You don’t remember it the way it was.

You just remember the version…