Ever evolving

I was obsessed with Gujarati story books as a kid, I think I was 10 or 12. I would read and re-read them every single day. There were words I couldn’t understand but I tried to… there were metaphors that were way beyond my understanding and sometimes I think about those stories now and it suddenly hits me, oh that what it was about. But I continued reading them.

Then at 13, I was obsessed with meditation. Different techniques, in-depth understanding and what not. Was that too much for a 13yo? Maybe, but I didn’t care. I read more and more books to understand more and more. My curiosity knew no limits. I think about it now and I am glad that I read all those books that I did.

At 14, I was obsessed with reality TV. I watched wayyyy too much of TV and I loved it. I would deep dive into these shows, watch them twice or thrice and understand the participants, their weakness, their strength and their evolution. It helped me become more confident in many ways. I didn’t even know about this was moulding my communication skills, making me more and more confident and just so you know I am not talking about Roadies (minus season 1, I loved season 1.) Looking back, I can tell that these shows helped me develop my personality growing up in my small town.

And just like that I’ve been obsessed with Drew Berrymore, The Vampire dairies, feel-good movies, tiny house projects, running, Ali Spaganola, video editing tutorials on TikTok, beautiful food videos, cooking with leftovers, Farmville, Snow Tha Product, Qveen Herby, Kdramas and a lot of other things.

I am made of the traces these obsessions left within my soul. I carry all of these in my heart and in my personality. They are all a part of me, like all the other million things. That’s how I evolve.

Photo by Mr TT on Unsplash



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